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The Mississippi Perinatal Quality Collaborative works along with the activities of the Mississippi State Department of Health, in partnership with hospitals and community organizations like the MS SIDS and Infant Safety Alliance to promote safe sleep education for parents, families and caregivers statewide. In Mississippi sleep related deaths including suffocations, roll-over accidents and SIDS together are the leading cause of infant death for infants older than 1 month of age. The great majority of these deaths are preventable by following the ABC’S of Safe Sleep with infants sleeping: Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib and a Smoke-free environment.

Here’s what the ABC’s mean:

ALONE: Babies should not sleep in a bed with you or anyone else, bed-sharing is NOT safe. When you put baby in the crib, there should no toys, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows or bumper pads. Not even for naps! Use safe sleep clothing, such as a sleep sack for warmth if needed.

BACK: Science proves placing baby on his/her back is best during sleep, NOT on his/her side NOT on his/her stomach.

CRIB: Babies should always sleep in their own crib, bassinette or portable crib/play yard that conforms to the safety standards of the consumer product safety commission (CPSC). Don’t put baby in the bed with you, or in a couch or chair, or a car seat, stroller, or bouncy chair.

SMOKE-FREE: Babies should be kept away from smoke at all times. Do not let anyone smoke around baby.

Current Safe Sleep Initiatives

‘Sleep Baby safe and Snug’ Children’s Book– MSDH is providing all birthing facilities with the children’s board book  ‘Sleep Baby safe and Snug’, which educates families and caregivers about safe sleep. The book was written by pediatric cardiologist Dr. John Hutton who tragically lost his son Charlie to SIDS. MSDH is providing the books free of charge to hospitals and is encouraging all facilities to adopt universal patient education and safe sleep policies. The books are also being distributed to community health educators

If your hospital is not enrolled or you represent a community organization or medical office that is interested in distributing the books click here to access the enrollment form. Sleep Safe Book Order Form


Cribs for Kids: MSDH is funding 500 cribs through the MS SIDS and Infant Safety Alliance to provide families in need with a safe sleep environment.  To learn more visit the MS SIDS and Infant Safety Alliance webpage. Cribs for Kids Hospital Recognition

-D.O.S.E- Direct On Scene Education

DOSE is an innovative attempt at eliminating sleep related infant death due to suffocation, strangulation or positional asphyxia by using First Responders to identify and remove hazards while delivering education on scene. First Responders are trained to identify and remove hazards from an infant’s sleep space while on scene during emergency and non-emergency 911 calls.

MSDH is supporting training first responders in the DOSE program in Mississippi. This program has been successfully implemented across many states resulting in dramatic declines in sleep related deaths. Learn more:


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