NICU Family Support

The NICU Family Support/Engagement activities the MSPQC will first focus on facilitating the establishment of a Family Advisory Board (FAB) in each NICU and specialty care nursery across our State. A Family Advisory Board is made up of families who have had one or more children in the NICU partnered with doctors, nurses, social workers, and family support specialists. The most important factor for ensuring the success of efforts to work with family advisors is the belief that partnering with patients and families is absolutely essential to improving hospital quality and safety.

We are seeking for each NICU/ special care nursery to identify a staff to serve as Family Champion to coordinate and lead this effort locally. This Champion will work with local hospital leaders to put in place the infrastructure necessary for advisor engagement and promote family centered practices; prepare staff and clinicians to work with family advisors; and recruit, train, and support advisors. This champion will also work closely with the MSPQC Family Support/Engagement team as we develop improvement efforts to support families and improve quality of care across our state.


Locally: Improve communication and services between health care providers and families during and after a NICU stay. Through the Family Advisory Board, families and health care providers will work in partnership to provide resources, promote family centered & developmental care, provide input on policices, contribute expertise on issues that affect families and the community and to strengthen collaboration among families, caregivers and staff.
Statewide: Build greater resources and develop a statewide qualitative step-wise improvement effort supporting families who have children in the NICU, as well as build the capacity throughout the state for family involvement in MSPQC, local change teams, and other capacities in the NICUs


  • To serve as advocates to promote family0centered care.
  • To provide social, emotional and educational support to families and staff.
  • To actively partner with the health care team to improve the family experience.
  • To provide input regarding program and policy development in the NICU on behalf of families.
  • To facilitate standing family representation on NICU work committees.
  • To develop and implement fund raising activities to support NICU family needs.
  • To represent the diverse needs and perspectives of patients and their families.

How can MSPQC involve families?

  • Share personal story for others to learn from: motivate and educate
  • Identify family components in local team projects
  • Suggest and develop patient/family centered projects for state-wide implementation
  • Be an advisor around a particular problem
  • Mentor other families
  • Affirm that families are as important as health care providers
  • Be involved in the state QI teams and steering committee

Project Leader: Bolaji Famuyide, MD